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kosher kimchi
Kosher Kimchi

Kosher Kimchi (Traditional Korean Cabbage) 2.5 Kilo size (5.5 lb), great for catering.

One of the most important components of Korean food is kimchi, the spicy fermented side dish that appears at every traditional Korean meal.

This Kosher kimchi is made of Napa (Korean cabbage,) white radish, and a mixture of fresh spices including garlic, ginger, scallions, and hot chili pepper powder (gochugaru.)

The health benefits of kimchi are widely touted and several studies have shown that kimchi significantly reduces the risk of gastric cancer and other stomach issues, including indigestion Korean chili peppers are also known to be antidepressant.

2.5 Kilo (5.5 lb) Kosher Kimchi